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February 23, 2023

Here’s the San Francisco Realtor Map

Alamo Square Park

It’s handy to have a copy of the San Francisco Association of Realtors neighborhood map, whether you’re house hunting or selling your home.

You probably won’t get a thrill out of discovering that your top neighborhood choice is coded as 6F, or that 5B and 5E might also be good options. (That all translates into NoPa, the Haight and Cole Valley.)

But knowing neighborhood borders and how they’re coded gives the consumer an idea as to how Realtors and appraisers reference the various parts of the city and approach property valuations.

When Realtors search in the Multiple Listing Services (MLS)—the database that feeds sites like Redfin, Zillow and others—we use district and subdistrict coding. For example, District 7 encompasses the Marina (7A), Pacific Heights (7B),  Presidio Heights (7C) and Cow Hollow (7D).

Here’s a link to the PDF of the official SFAR MLS District Map.

There are ten districts and 90 subdistricts to explore across San Francisco. Check them out so you’re in a more knowledgeable position when buying or selling. You might even discover some parts of the city you never knew existed. (10N, anyone?)

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