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A review from

Judy C

  1. Eileen put us on an email alert service to automatically update us with new listings. She also screened everything that came on the market and told us the pros and cons of each so that we didn’t waste our time. Eileen quickly became attuned to what we were looking for.
  2. As if that wasn’t enough, I scoured every real estate resource I have access to several times a day and emailed Eileen probably 30+ times a day with new listings, questions about various aspects of the real estate process, random thoughts, what I should eat for breakfast, you name it. Yet I found Eileen was always willing and able to respond to each and every one of my emails within a few minutes with her advice and feedback.
  3. Eileen managed our expectations sensitively and did not lose hope even when one week short of our “deadline” we were nowhere near finding a place. Eileen calmly pressed on when quite frankly we’d given up.
  4. I want to have seen houses before they’re even listed. Meanwhile, my husband is very busy with his work and on a very difficult schedule to plan house showings around cos he never knows when he’s going to be available. Eileen was always able to be flexible in her schedule and work around our craziness.
  5. Eileen was able to educate us on all the ins and outs of the real estate purchasing process, as well as what to expect given current market conditions. We were outbid on several properties before landing our current home, many times competing against 10+ offers at substantially above asking price. Eileen was again excellent at managing our expectations throughout this process, counseling us on what kind of offer price is likely to work and not work, reminding us that even in defeat the search must go on… and then, eventually, you find “the one.” In short, Eileen is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. As far as purchasing real estate in SF goes, I would not work with anyone else.