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June 27, 2022

Why You Should Work With A Local Lender On Your SF Home Purchase

If you’re aiming to purchase a home in San Francisco, make sure you seek the services of a local lender.

The San Francisco market and its housing stock are not cookie-cutter by any stretch. Out-of-area lenders and their underwriting teams—the folks who ultimately give the green light on financing—are sometimes not familiar with certain building attributes or what our competitive market requires in order to “win” a property.

We have in-law units done without permits and brick foundations. Condo associations with unique CC&R items, HOA litigation, or below-market-rate units. Lenders who don’t often deal with these sorts of common-in-San Francisco issues may run into road blocks when it comes to approving your loan.

And when it comes to appraisal/loan approval and closing timeframes, out-of-area lenders may not be used to the, uh, faster pace of the San Francisco market. Local lenders are typically on the ball when it comes to having loans approved in ten days and escrow closed in 21 days or less. The market may have changed, but you can be more competitive with shorter contractual timeframes. A lender who can’t offer competitive terms won’t be able to help you compete when you’re putting your best feet forward on your dream single-family home.

If you already have accounts with a particular bank, it’s a good idea to check with that bank to see what “relationship banking” perks might be offered to account holders. On that note, here is my short list for lenders and mortgage brokers in case you want to get started. Just let them know I referred you, and they will do a great job for you:

Bank of the West
Karen McDowell

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Parie Bon | NMLSR ID 55259
(415) 977-9499

Cherolynn Vila

Mortgage Brokers
Primary Residential Mortgage
Mike Koran

Guaranteed Rate Affinity
Tom Barnes
(415) 276-6879

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