Here's what my clients have said about their experience working with me. For more reviews, please visit my Yelp page. You can also check out my RealSatisfied profile page, which presents client surveys written after close of escrow.

"Eileen set the Realtor bar incredibly high. So high in fact that now we've relocated to another state and are having difficulty finding someone who can come close to her expertise and professionalism. Seriously. We went to Eileen to sell our condo and she handled even the most minute details with patience, insight, and keen intelligence. She's a standout and we would recommend her unreservedly. In fact, we'd go further than recommend her, probably insist that if you were looking for an agent you should work with her and not pass up the opportunity. Because you won't know just how good she is until she sells your condo for you when you've never sold a place before, and you're living 2,500 miles away. She knew what we needed even before we knew, and she really is that good."--Michelle L., Eureka Valley

* * * * * * * * * *

"I first came to know of Eileen through her blog which I'd been reading since 2009 in the hope of eventually buying a place in SF. When that dream became a reality and we were ready to take the plunge, it was only natural for us to go straight to Eileen. After 2 years of stalking her through her blog, we felt as though we already knew her well!

1. Eileen put us on an email alert service to automatically update us with new listings. She also screened everything that came on the market and told us the pros and cons of each so that we didn't waste our time. Eileen quickly became attuned to what we were looking for.

2. As if that wasn't enough, I scoured every real estate resource I have access to several times a day and emailed Eileen probably 30+ times a day with new listings, questions about various aspects of the real estate process, random thoughts, what I should eat for breakfast, you name it. Yet I found Eileen was always willing and able to respond to each and every one of my emails within a few minutes with her advice and feedback.

3. Eileen managed our expectations sensitively and did not lose hope even when one week short of our "deadline" we were nowhere near finding a place. Eileen calmly pressed on when quite frankly we'd given up.

4. I want to have seen houses before they're even listed. Meanwhile, my husband is very busy with his work and on a very difficult schedule to plan house showings around cos he never knows when he's going to be available. Eileen was always able to be flexible in her schedule and work around our craziness.

5. Eileen was able to educate us on all the ins and outs of the real estate purchasing process, as well as what to expect given current market conditions. We were outbid on several properties before landing our current home, many times competing against 10+ offers at substantially above asking price. Eileen was again excellent at managing our expectations throughout this process, counseling us on what kind of offer price is likely to work and not work, reminding us that even in defeat the search must go on... and then, eventually, you find "the one".

In short, Eileen is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. As far as purchasing real estate in SF goes, I would not work with anyone else."--Judy C., Bernal Heights

* * * * * * * * * *

"I cannot say enough about what a great agent Eileen is. We moved from a crazy market in New York to an even tighter one in San Francisco and were nervous about finding a house in our price range that wasn't a total horror show. Eileen, however, was not even slightly intimidated and her optimism never faltered, even after we lost out on two places with what we thought were good (cash) offers. The third time was the charm and in the end, Eileen found us the PERFECT house in a neighborhood we hadn't thought to look at and helped us get a really good deal, which is unheard of in San Francisco right now. In hindsight, the first two places would have been fine, but not at the prices they sold for. The house we bought, however, is exactly what we want and we feel so grateful we worked with Eileen.

She is absolutely dogged -- Eileen never gives up and manages to stay optimistic and positive throughout the process. You never have to call her twice. She is totally available. She works really hard and is extremely knowledgeable about not only the process of buying and selling, but also renovation and construction. She will never fail to give you her opinion or say "I don't know" and leave it at that. She will find an answer from a reliable, knowledgeable source. Every single time.

Having sold real estate myself at one time, I can guarantee that Eileen is really really good at what she does. We have bought and sold several homes, and she is by far the best agent I have ever dealt with, including myself. She really took the time to understand what we were looking for and always showed us properties that fit the bill. If you are looking to buy in San Francisco, it definitely pays to work with a good agent like Eileen, especially if, like us, you are not familiar with the local market and the way transactions are done here. She was completely clear and gave us all the information we needed. No surprises."

And finally, Eileen is just a terrific person to have on your side. She's funny and smart and warm. You absolutely cannot go wrong working with Eileen. If we ever decide to sell, she will be the only agent we call."--Wendie W., Forest Hill

* * * * * * * * * *

"Eileen is great! She helped me buy a condo in SF. As a first-time buyer I had no idea what I was doing and could not have done it without her. She attended many open houses with me and sent me weekly updates of new listings with her comments and pros and cons. She was always available to reply to emails, she was able to pick me up from work to attend early showings of houses.. We closed escrow on the first place we made an offer on, largely due to Eileen who managed to work out how to make ours the winning offer in a situation with 8 other buyers. Additionally she has a really great dry sense of humor and is very relaxed and patient, and explained a lot of things to me I'd have been afraid to ask someone else. I would recommend her to anyone."--Catherine S., Haight

* * * * * * * * * *

"Eileen represented us in the sale of our condo in Mission Bay. It was an amazingly smooth process with great results. She worked over-time marketing the apartment right through the mayhem of the Giants' World Series, with multiple open houses and private showings during the quick two weeks. She fully managed the process, including painting, staging, dealing with the HOA needs, etc, such that there was almost no stress or work for us. When it came down to the final moment of considering offers, we found that she had proactively done the work of negotiating with the potential buyers and laid out the possibilities in such an organized fashion that we had no trouble deciding and closing the deal. I cannot recommend her highly enough."--Ethan B., Mission Bay

* * * * * * * * * *

"Eileen is an amazingly talented, friendly, and patient agent. She represented us with the sale of our house, and it sold after the first showing thanks to her diligent research, hard work, and fantastic advice. But, let me back up, because just mentioning our success does not do her justice. I first met Eileen when she offered advice on a renovation we were considering. She was so professional and honest about the scope of the work that, though we ultimately chose not to renovate (thanks to her superb advice), she became our go-to agent for all real-estate questions. Very soon after, we decided we should sell.

Eileen stepped in and offered comprehensive advice on what our options were in a time when the market was still very bad. We decided to wait ... years ... for the market to improve, and Eileen never lost patience with us or stopped offering advice. Once our kids were born, we knew we had to move, and Eileen stepped in as if no time had gone by. Due to the market, we were very nervous about the outcome, but Eileen calmed our nerves, laid out up-to-date options, and gave us the perfect advice for staging our home. Due to her exceptional planning and no-nonsense approach, she was able to get us multiple offers after the very first showing despite the market still not being that great. With her superb research and advice, we are confident that we chose the best offer. It's as if she took the weight of the world off of our shoulders, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."--Dax C., Ingleside

* * * * * * * * * *

"We have young children and were traveling from South San Jose to view properties in San Francisco so needed a diligent realtor who understood our needs perfectly. Eileen has been everything we could've wished for and more; this lady never stops and makes you feel like you're her only client. Her upbeat attitude, no-nonsense approach and prompt response to queries (no matter how big or small) made the whole buying process pretty much stress-free. Eileen even entertained our two boys while we signed contracts! We appreciated her honest opinion and gentle guidance, and she's still helping us with contractor recommendations and general home-owning advice. We're already recommending Eileen to friends wishing to buy or sell in the city."--Lucy C., Miraloma Park

* * * * * * * * * *

Eileen is wonderful!! She helped us sell our condo and she was great. We met Eileen about five years ago when we were considering selling our unit as a TIC. We decided to wait until it converted to a condo and were in touch with her on and off from then until now. She always responded to our many questions in a timely manner with helpful and thoughtful responses and this was even when she knew we were years away from selling. In addition, she is straightforward and honest. Something you really want in a real estate agent. I would highly recommend her!--Rachel P., Eureka Valley

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