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September 27, 2018

Wanted: San Francisco Home Sellers

It’s a seller’s market in San Francisco at the moment. Inventory remains flat, there are anywhere from five to 40 buyers for every home that goes on the market, and mortgage interest rates are still low. And oh, yeah—rents remain high.

If you own a single-family house, condo, multi-unit building or TIC (supported by a fractional loan), I recommend consulting with a Realtor this month to get a sense for your options. Maybe you have an investment property, or are an owner occupier who doesn’t know where to go next. It helps to have a chat for an hour with a Realtor to discuss your details:

1. How much is my property worth?
2. Can I sell and then have some time to stay in my house after the buyers are the owners, to figure out where I’m going next?
3. How long will the process take?
4. What pitfalls might I encounter?
5. What would I need to do to prep my property for sale?
6. What am I looking at in terms of net proceeds?

As many of you know, I have been helping homeowners sell their properties for more than ten years in many neighborhoods across San Francisco. Client reviews don’t lie: I have the experience, knowledge, marketing platform and strategies in place to net you the most money possible with the least stress involved. It’s all about knowing what to expect, anticipating pitfalls and navigating to the finish.

Please contact me if you’re ready to have that conversation. I would be happy to stop by and put your future in motion.

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