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February 15, 2010

Walk Score Winners: Houses in the North End of San Francisco

We’re taking a look today at two of the lesser-priced single-family homes in the north end of the city with very high Walk Scores. Here are a couple options for excellent walking locations if your goal is to own a house in the more classic neighborhoods of the city–for up to $1.5M.

1519 Baker
Lower Pacific Heights
List Price: $1,100,000
3-car pkg
This stick Victorian has a somewhat awkward floor plan, but is located in a very central neighborhood. The double parlor and additional rooms are lined up on one side of the house, and the kitchen and dining room on the other. At the rear of the property is a narrow staircase that looks like it was added on to the exterior of the house at one point. That leads to a bedroom and bath where a man and his two Yorkies were sitting when I visited the property. But if you’re looking for a Victorian house in the north end of the city, you won’t really find one for that much less than $1.1M unless it’s for lot value. This one is probably a little high based on the comparative sales in the area over the past year. But it’s 2010, and negotiation is the name of the game. Walk Score: 95.

215 Moulton
Cow Hollow
List Price: $1,535,000
1-car pkg
Located on a small street between Greenwich/Lombard and Fillmore/Steiner, 215 Moulton has a very functional, accommodating floorplan. It was built in 1995 and inarguably has a ’90s feel in the finishes. But it’s got 2300 square feet across three levels and features a nice kitchen and living/dining areas plus half bath; a loft office area and bedroom upstairs; and a master suite at the garden level. The house has changed hands a few times in the past, selling most recently for $1.8M in 2007. Obvious comparative sale is next door at 213 Moulton—pretty much the same house that sold for $1,530,000 in an all-cash transaction in June 2009. Walk Score: 98

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