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May 23, 2012

Tiny Trio of Houses Returns to Glen Park Market

Sellers of three different small single-family homes in Glen Park are giving it another go in Spring 2012. All three properties were previously on the market and didn’t sell. (I came close to writing offers on two of them.) So what condo alternatives are available in single-family form?

49 Martha (at Stillings)
900 sq feet

49 Martha is a very appealing home that needs a bit of work. Though it’s a bit of a hike to the Glen Park retail area and BART station, the house has a nice, secluded setting and gets great natural light. It’s probably the most spacious of the three homes profiled here. The kitchen and bathroom are totally serviceable, and there’s also a room down off the entry where the washer/dryer are located. You could also use this room for guests or a family room. No garage, but there’s a parking pad at the base of the property. 49 Martha was on the market in Fall 2011 for $650,000, so the sellers have chopped the price a bit this time around.

26 Conrad (at Diamond)
692 sq feet

Situated in a superior Glen Park location, 26 Conrad has a nice living room with city and Bay views, and a remodeled kitchen and bath. The bedrooms are adjacent to each other and you have to go through one bedroom to get to the other. The rear of the lot has a small yard, with a detached garage. The basement is sizeable and is perfect for storage or a workshop. 26 Conrad was listed last Fall in the $650,000 range and didn’t sell, so the owners have bumped up the price and are undoubtedly praying for a happy outcome.

9 Harper (at 30th)
554 sq feet

“Attractive to the rise of the solo living movement&/or those wanting a less cluttered & less complicated life while reducing their ecological impact with a walkability lifestyle.” And so it goes in the marketing copy for 9 Harper, the smallest of the group. This house has ended up wedged between two properties, and is on the border of Glen Park and Noe. It’s fully detached and has a smidgen of outdoor space. On the market earlier this year for $499,000, 9 Harper is another home hoping to capture the excitement of the buyers storming the neighborhood in our Spring real estate season who won’t mind paying about $1,000/sq foot to be part of the “small house movement.”

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