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April 29, 2013

TIC Owners Await Condo Conversion Legislation Outcome

I’ve been contacted recently by many TIC owners, inquiring about my thoughts on what the legislation will mean for resale value related to their individual situations—which can vary widely. Some have been in the condo lottery for many years, others have rented out their TIC interest, and others have recently purchased an interest in a three-unit building but haven’t even entered the lottery yet.

The condo conversion legislation was initially introduced last year by Supervisors Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell. In response, tenants’ rights supporters voiced their opinions, which has led to Supervisors David Chiu and Norman Yee recently proposing several amendments designed to help reach a compromise.

The most current version of the legislation is fairly radical, in the sense that it offers current TIC tenants lifetime leases, potentially suspends the condo lottery for a decade following the initial slew of conversions, and would eventually limit condo conversion to buildings with no more than four units. The expectation is that the legislation will be finalized in some shape or form in the next couple of weeks, after which it will be ready for a vote from the Board of Supervisors.

Until legislation actually passes, it’s a challenge to say what the implications will be for TIC owners and tenants. My recommendation is to read through the legislation details, and also look at both sides of the issue. And for that, I think it’s helpful to read TIC specialist/attorney Andy Sirkin’s explanation of the legislation. Also useful is KQED/Sam Harnett’s recent condo conversion story.

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