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April 13, 2009

The Next Noe Project House


Within a few weeks of me witnessing the presumed owner of 369 Duncan shimmying a tombstone out of the property and into a car trunk, the For Sale sign was slapped up on the exterior.

This 2BR/1BA Victorian “fixer” built in 1884 has about 1249 square feet and is now the latest magnet for contractors and developers looking for their next project in Noe Valley. And the comparative sale for the finished product is just a few doors away at 313 Duncan. This 5BR home was originally a small Victorian that sold a few years ago for $725,000. It was first listed about 170 days ago at $2,850,000 and just sold for $2.4M.

And I’m thinking removing the tombstone before the marketing period was a sound decision.

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