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February 6, 2012

Sunnyside Starter Comes With Time Machine


The sellers over at 327 Hearst have stepped back in time with the sale of their 2BR/2BA home. From the looks of the elaborate shower in one of the bathrooms, it looks like they’ve potentially climbed in and emerged  eleven days earlier, when the home first went on the market.

Hearst fell out of contract in that time span, so 327 Hearst is on the lookout for new buyers. The 1600-square foot property is actually not a bad deal; the kitchen is updated, there’s a master suite, decent-sized yard, and south-facing views. (Plus, the inevitable bonus family room is downstairs alongside the second bedroom and bath.) And don’t forget about that time machine! List price remains at $659,000.

The house is located south of Monterey, which is a little less desirable than the streets north of the main strip. But it’s in walking distance of the Glen Park BART and restaurant/shop hub, and has great freeway access.

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