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May 5, 2014

“White House” Maintains SoMa Design Trend in Noe Valley


The newly renovated “White House” at 235 28th Street is right in line with one of the two design trends that have swept Noe Valley over the past few years—a completely renovated, whitewashed Victorian that looks nothing like a Victorian inside. You could be in SoMa based on the finishes and lack of period detail.

San Francisco real estate followers may remember this property when it sold for $1.3M in April 2013 and looked like this pink house below:
The renovation approach follows in the footsteps of many recent, similar projects. For example, the main level has been opened up, and there are now four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Three bedrooms are on the ground level. And they come with living/kitchen/dining areas and yards like this:

At the $3M price point in the neighborhood, this is about what you can expect.

The other design trend that you see most often in the luxury Noe market features glass box exteriors, which also take their queue from South of Market exteriors. Here’s a good example of one that sold earlier this year for $3,225,000:

And another called “The Cube House” that sold for $5,250,000 last month:

There are probably about half a dozen single-family homes under construction in Noe right now that are copying the glass box look. Though they don’t quite fit in with the typical Noe Valley architectural character, they appeal to buyers because these homes have very open floor plans, high ceilings and get a lot of light through all that glass.

It will be interesting to see how design in the neighborhood changes over the next decade.

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