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January 7, 2009

Market Update: Noe/Eureka Valleys, Glen Park

The poor economy didn’t seem to slow down purchases in Noe and Eureka Valleys, or in Glen Park. This entry kicks off a look at various areas of the city and how their price averages for condos and single-family homes fared over the last quarter of 2008.

Noe Valley
Single-Family Homes
2BR: $985,600
3BR: $1,304,000

1BR: $324,000
2BR: $910,222
3BR: $1,370,000
Take note: I actually sold the one-bedroom condo, and it was within a building that had no garage and required residents to be 62 and over. One-bedroom units are typically much higher in price in Noe. Some of the 3BR condos that sold were luxury homes, bringing up the average.

Eureka Valley
Single-Family Homes
3BR: $1,628,750
Take note: Though no 2BR homes sold here over the last quarter, three of the four 3BR homes that sold ranged in price from $1.6M-$1.9M.

1BR: $603,250
2BR: $822,375
3BR: $930,000

Glen Park
Single-Family Homes
2BR: $622,500
3BR: $700,000
Take note: Both of the 2BR homes that sold were small; one was a foreclosure, and one was a fixer.

2BR: $700,000
Take note: One condo did sell in Glen Park over the last quarter; this was a house-like unit in a two-unit building. Glen Park’s inventory is typically filled with houses.

Check back tomorrow for a look at the Richmond district.

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