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December 4, 2009

Noe Valley Condo Development Hits the Skids


230 Duncan between Dolores and Church wasn’t always the plastic bag disaster it is today. It was a 1,000-square foot single-family home from 1900-2007 that was used as a rental property in its later years.

The Planning Department granted a demolition permit back in 2006. Contractors then obtained permits in November 2007 to erect four stories and create two dwelling units for a recorded cost of $850,000.

Things didn’t go smoothly after that. The next-door neighbors filed a complaint at the end of 2007 when the demolition damaged part of their building. And the 230 Duncan project has been at a standstill since its last story went up. Neighbors are disgusted and the site’s a blight.

No word on what the outcome will be. My guess is that a replacement developer may get a pretty good deal on an unfinished structure.

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