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August 1, 2022

New Housing Inventory Requirement for SF Landlords

Multi-Unit Building

The city has a new “Housing Inventory” requirement for landlords.

Owners of buildings with ten or more units are now required to report certain information about their building to the SF Rent Board, including the name and business contact information of the owner/manager, the square footage and number of bedrooms/bathrooms of each unit in the building, and whether each unit is vacant or occupied.

The Rent Board will use this information to analyze rental trends and monitor compliance with the Rent Ordinance. Property owners will need to report the required housing inventory details to the SF Rent Board before they can impose any annual or banked rent increases upon tenants.

The city won’t impose a fee on late reporting after the deadline. However, the landlord won’t receive a rent increase license that allows for annual allowable banked rent increases.

The new ordinance isn’t limited to ten or more buildings. For rented condos and units in buildings with fewer than ten residential units, owners will be required to report the aforementioned details by March 1, 2023—and every March thereafter.

Property owners can register their building through the SF Rent Board’s online portal.  And here’s an FAQ on all the details.

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