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April 18, 2014

My Clients Remodel With Amazing Results


My clients purchased a single-family home in the Crocker Amazon neighborhood last year, and aimed to complete an extensive remodel prior to moving in. They just moved in a few weeks ago, and I stopped in to see the renovations this week.

This was an older house that sorely needed a new kitchen, bathroom, and a better “flow.” My clients worked with their contractor to totally revamp the kitchen, move doorways, add closet space and create a more open living/dining room area, among the more major items. They agreed to let me post a few before and after photos, as I thought it would be cool for my readers to see just what you can do when you buy a cosmetic fixer.

The living room got a fireplace facelift, with lovely stonework, a darker wood stain and new wall color:


Here’s the before and after of their kitchen. I love their choice of new countertops, cabinets and finishes:



It’s always encouraging to see what can be done to make a home more enjoyable, and ulimately, more valuable.

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