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September 13, 2010

Masonic Vic Gets New Look, New Agent, Same Price

It’s always disappointing when one of my reputable, experienced and hard-working colleagues brings on a potentially overpriced listing and gives it his or her best shot for half a year—only to have the listing yanked and given to another agent.

Such is the case at 1322 Masonic, which hit the market earlier this year. The 4BR/2.5BA, 3400-square foot house was initially priced at $2,395,000 and then was reduced by $100,000 in June before the sellers withdrew the listing in July.

The house is now back on the market, with—you guessed it—a new agent, similar price of $2,295,000, and new staging. I thought the floor plan was a little funky in terms of flow when I toured the home (probably due to the fact that the property was previously a five-unit building). However, I’m sure there’s a buyer out there for this home; it’s just a matter of timing. But sellers, before you spin your wheels changing staging, agents, and anything else you can think of, consider this basic tenet: A realistic price will do wonders for helping to snag a buyer, and close your sale.

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