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June 29, 2011

Market Mood Swings: Buena Vista & Cole Valley

I routinely check sales prices to get a timely sense of where the market is, and how buyers are responding. As is typical, some properties are selling very quickly and for well over their asking prices, but others are not experiencing such good luck. Here are two examples of what I call market mood swings that occurred last week:

The 4BR/3BA Edwardian single-family home above at 892 Ashbury in the coveted Buena Vista neighborhood is a real charmer. The kitchen was nicely renovated, and the home was featured in design publications. There’s plenty of room (4300 square feet), and there is also a legal 1BR unit.It was listed for $2,795,000 in early April, and closed last week for $2.5M after 70 days on the market. So there was clearly some room to move on the list price.

On the other end of the spectrum is 575 Belvedere in Cole Valley:

Belvedere Street in Cole Valley is one of the most desirable streets in the neighborhood. And this sale proved that point. The 4BR/2BA home needed updating and refreshening. But there were good bones. (No garage, though.) The property was listed at the end of May for $1,095,000. It closed last week for $1,350,000. Someone obviously needed to be on Belvedere. Let’s hope their plans include a garage door installation.

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