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March 4, 2009

Luxury Moves to Mission


There seems to be no stopping luxury development in the Mission, despite the current economy. I stopped in yesterday during my broker tour at 3099 22nd Street, where three new condos priced at $785,000, $789,000, and $795,000 are gracing the landscape at the corner of 22nd and South Van Ness.

Featuring higher-end finishes and weighing in at 1300+ square feet per unit, the building is coming along nicely. The last reported sale in the MLS for the lot was for $2.5M in February 2005.

The property sits on a lot that was subdivided and sold off into four individual lots in the past. Next door, more units are in the process of being constructed, but the bookend lots on either side of these aforementioned properties haven’t broken ground yet.

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