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October 9, 2015

Ingleside Settles Into $1M+ Groove


Ingleside is one of San Francisco’s up-and-coming neighborhoods, but it’s coming up faster than some buyers would hope.

The neighborhood, which boasts a Whole Foods on its Ocean Avenue retail strip—along with a Muni rail line to downtown—is starting to see $1,000,000+ sales creep in. And its sales averages have steadily increased over the years.

I first wrote about Ingleside back in 2009. The average house in 2009 sold for $491,718, and it seemed like a great area for first-time buyers.

When I had a listing in Ingleside in 2013, I wrote about Ocean Avenue’s ongoing improvement, and how I thought the area was a good bet for buyers. The average sale price in 2013 was $650,405.

And now? Ingleside has seen three sales this year for above $1,000,000, including 336 Jules (see photo). The nicely presented 2BR/2BA home is within a couple blocks of Ocean Avenue, and sold for $1,030,000 in an all-cash transaction. The average price of a house, year-to-date, is $824,513.

That being said, Ingleside is one of the few neighborhoods serviced by a Muni rail line and a good retail corridor that still offers house inventory for under $1,000,000. So I’ll say it again: Ingleside is a good bet for San Francisco home buyers.

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