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February 28, 2022

Here’s The Latest Bernal Heights Microhood Update: Feb 2022


Bernal Heights continues to be one of the most desirable San Francisco neighborhoods for single-family home buyers. It has a great retail corridor along Cortland Avenue, proximity to the freeways and an overall cool vibe.

As my regular readers know, I created the Bernal Heights microhoods way back in 2014 to help prospective buyers and sellers get a more refined sense for single-family home values in the neighborhood’s distinct geographical areas. It’s time for an update on how those microhoods are faring.

The average price for a home in Bernal at the moment is $1,944,939. Exceeding that average price were the Northwest Slope, North of Cortland, Precita Park and the East Slope. But buyers looking for microhoods with slightly lower price points found refuge in the Southeast Slope, South of Cortland, Holly/St. Mary’s Parks and West of Mission.

Precita Park had the highest volume and number of overbids above 20% of the list price, and this microhood continues to be extremely popular with buyers. Everyone loves the park and its surrounding cafes/restaurants.

Here’s how all the microhoods stacked up from October 2021 – February 15, 2022 (click on each pic to enlarge, red dots represent homes sold):

1. Northwest Slope
Single-Family Home Average Price: $2,042,393
Most Expensive: 101 Santa Marina (4BR/3BA | $3,177,000)
Least Expensive: 55 Lundys Lane (2BR/1.5BA | $1,089,000)
# Homes Sold: 14
# Overbids Above 20%: 5

More than half of the Northwest Slope single-family homes sold for $2M or more, which is a testament to how popular (and pricey) this part of Bernal has become. Northwest Slope dwellers love the proximity to the Mission Street transit and retail corridor, Bernal Hill and the tree-lined streets. I’ve sold multiple homes in this part of the neighborhood, and it’s my favorite microhood.

2. North of Cortland
Single-Family Home Avge Price: $2,141,000
Most Expensive: 172 Prentiss (4BR/3.5BA | $4,050,000)
Least Expensive: 241 Gates (2BR/1BA| $1,200,000)
# Homes Sold: 5
# Overbids Above 20%: 2North of Cortland Bernal Microhood
It’s been a little quiet North of Cortland over the past few months. But the area had the highest average price of all the microhoods over the past few months, which is no surprise. The proximity to Cortland Avenue and Bernal Hill for hiking and dog walking are huge draws.

3. Precita Park
Single-Family Home Avge Price: $2,120,733
Most Expensive: 127 Manchester (4BR/3.5BA | $4,275,000)
Least Expensive: 1665 Alabama (1BR/1BA | $850,000)
# Homes Sold: 15
# Overbids Above 20%: 8
Precita Park Bernal microhood
Precita Park once again makes a strong showing, with the most multiple overbids of more than twenty percent over asking. Nine of the 15 homes sold traded hands for more than $2M, including three properties on the 200 block of Montcalm that sold for $2.7M-$3,025,000. 1654 Alabama, a gracious home with dated finishes listed for $1.3M, outshone the rest with a 68.45% overbid and closed for $2,188,000.

4. East Slope
Single-Family Home Avge Price: $2,026,000
Most Expensive: 128 Montcalm (4BR/3.5BA | $2,925,000)
Least Expensive: 8 Joy (4BR/2.5BA | $1,450,000)
# Homes Sold: 5
# Overbids Above 20%: 1
East Slope Bernal Microhood
The East Slope has been quiet, with few new listings. The 1989-built view home at 128 Montcalm boosted the price averages singlehandedly, with its $2,925,000 list price. And 193 Brewster took the prize for longest days on market (DOM). The loft-like home constructed in 2016 was on the market 109 days. Buyers looking for view homes will have a strong chance of finding one on the East Slope.

5. Southeast Slope
Single-Family Home Avge Price: $1,531,396
Most Expensive: 76 Bronte (3BR/3BA | $2,100,000)
Least Expensive: 530 Nevada (2BR/1BA | $1,227,567)
# Homes Sold: 9
# Overbids Above 20%: 3

Southeast Slope Bernal microhood
The Southeast Slope had three homes for which buyers bid from 44.5%-53.31% over list price. Two of those were 212 and 214 Putnam, which were three bedrooms that had each been majorly renovated recently (212 was down to the studs). With asking prices of just under $1M, it was obvious that these homes were destined to be multiple-offer magnets.

6. South of Cortland
Single-Family Home Avge Price: $1,803,548
Most Expensive: 349 Banks (4BR/4BA | $2,601,290)
Least Expensive: 726 Ellsworth (3BR/2BA | $1,375,000)
# Homes Sold: 6
# Overbids Above 20%: 2
South of Cortland Bernal microhood
The prize for the biggest overbid South of Cortland over the past few months goes to 411 Banks, a large 4BR home one block from Cortland that was listed for $1,450,000 and closed for $1,900,000. Homes within one or two blocks of Cortland typically fetch high prices in this part of town.

7. Holly and St. Mary’s Parks
Single-Family Home Avge Price: $1,932,727
Most Expensive: 12 Roscoe (4BR/4BA| $2,575,000)
Least Expensive: 475 Justin (2BR/1BA | $1,340,000)
# Homes Sold: 11
# Overbids Above 20%: 4

Holly and St. Mary's Parks Bernal microhood

Holly and St. Mary’s Parks saw their fair share of $2M+ sold homes recently. These were three- and four-bedroom houses, so it wasn’t surprising given the average price of a larger home in San Francisco. This microhood also had the distinction of the shortest average days on market (14).

8. West of Mission
Single-Family Home Avge Price: $1,456,250
Most Expensive: 4 College Terrace (3BR/2BA| $1,900,000)
Least Expensive: 115 St. Mary’s Avenue (6BR/3.5BA | $1,175,000)
# Homes Sold: 4
# Overbids Above 20%: 0
West of Mission Bernal micrhood
The four homes West of Mission that sold recently spent 29-38 days on the market, with the exception of 140 Cuvier. The 2,165-square foot home was nicely done and located in close proximity to 280. But the freeway issue didn’t prevent the property from going into contract in 14 days—with buyers who paid $100,000 over the $1,349,000 list price.

[Data is based on October 2021 – February 15, 2022 in the San Francisco Multiple Listing Service.]

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