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September 18, 2017

East Slope Sale Breaks Bernal Heights Sales Record, Commands the Microhoods in 2017


The East Slope of Bernal Heights was home to a record-breaking sale this year, and also boasts the highest median price to date in 2017. It was business as usual for our other six microhoods, which all median prices well above the million dollar price point.

As my regular readers know, I created the Bernal Heights microhoods in 2014 to help prospective buyers and sellers get a more refined sense for the values behind the single-family homes in the neighborhood’s distinct geographical areas. I like to check out the values at least once annually. So here’s how our microhoods are stacking up so far in 2017:

Northwest Slope
Single-Family Home Median Price: $1,500,000
Most Expensive: 106 Coleridge (5BR/4BA, 3105 sq ft | $3,100,000)
Least Expensive: 125 Lundys (3BR/1BA, 1186 sq ft | $1,100,000)
# Overbids Above 25%: 4
Buyers weren’t shy about ponying up more than $300,00 over asking for three homes in the Northwest Slope. One of those was the Victorian at 56 Mirabel (2BR/1BA, 1100 square feet) listed for $1,295,000, which received ten offers and sold for $1,630,000. It was also a good year for the renovated Victorian at 106 Coleridge, which finally sold for $3,100,000 after first coming on the market in 2016.

North of Cortland
Single-Family Home Median Price: $1,487,500
Most Expensive: 3662 Folsom (3BR/3.5BA, 2225 sq ft | $2,400,000)
Least Expensive: 176 Banks (2BR/1BA, 1005 sq ft | $952,000)
# Overbids Above 25%: 4
Though it wasn’t the most expensive house sold, 84 Anderson certainly had the most high-flying outcome North of Cortland. The 2BR/1BA, 1261-square foot shingle-front home was listed for $995,000 in August and sold for $1,605,000. Two-bedroom Bernal buyers continue to shudder every time that comp (and the one at 56 Mirabel) come up.

Precita Park
Single-Family Home Median Price: $1,550,000
Most Expensive: 175 Ripley (3BR/4BA, 3082 sq ft | $3,500,000)
Least Expensive: 20 Bessie (2BR/2BA | $1,195,000)
# Overbids Above 25%: 3
Precita Park has the lowest overbid average (9%) in Bernal this year. But buyers are still enthusiastic about the microhood, and have paid the highest price per square foot ($1171) in Bernal for the privilege of residing there. Cash buyers were behind the sale at 175 Ripley and gave it the distinction of being the second most expensive home in Bernal history. The Bernal boomerang prize in Precita Park—and Bernal—goes to 125 Manchester. The home was listed in April for $1,700,000 and sold for $1,325,000 after more than three months on the market—only to come back on the market again on September 8th, this time listed for $1,300,000.

East Slope
Single-Family Home Median Price: $1,610,000
Most Expensive: 88 Montcalm (4BR/5.5BA | $3,850,000)
Least Expensive: 16 Joy (0BR/1BA, 1150 sq ft | $750,000)
# Overbids Above 25%: 6
Boasting the most expensive sale in Bernal history at 88 Montcalm, the East Slope again made a strong showing this year. Its median price jumped to $1,610,000. On the flip side, this microhood also had the most sales recorded under the list price.

Southeast Slope
Single-Family Home Median Price: $1,316,572
Most Expensive: 240 Nevada (3BR/2.5BA, 2320 sq ft | $2,160,000)
Least Expensive: 409 Nevada (1BR/1BA, 950 sq ft | $850,000)
# Overbids Above 25%: 5
Nevada was home to the least and most expensive homes sold on the Southeast Slope so far in 2017, and four homes sold for $1,750,000 and above. All but one home sold in the Southeast Slope this year had three or more bedrooms, and its $953 per square foot average has been the lowest in Bernal this year.

South of Cortland
Single-Family Home Median Price: $1,275,000
Most Expensive: 3972 Folsom (5BR/4BA | $2,450,000)
Least Expensive: 506 Banks (2BR/1BA, 1000 sq ft | $820,000)
# Overbids Above 25%: 14
South of Cortland gets bragging rights to the highest number of homes sold for more than 25% above their list prices. Buyers paid that much over asking for 14 houses. However, this microhood is the best bet for houses under $1,500,000.

Holly Park/St. Mary’s Park
Single-Family Home Median Price: $1,365,000
Most Expensive: 339 Crescent (4BR/4.5BA, 2789 sq ft | $2,650,000)
Least Expensive: 48 Bache (0BR/1BA, 625 sq ft | $675,000)
# Overbids Above 25%: 6
Also a good possibility for houses under $1,500,000, the Holly Park and St. Mary’s Park microhoods have made a strong showing this year. 339 Crescent is the sale to beat this year; listed for $2,195,000, the rebuilt three-level home was sold for $2,650,000—a record for this microhood.

[Data is based on January-September 11, 2017 in the San Francisco Multiple Listing Service.]

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