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Wendie W

Eileen found us the PERFECT house in a neighborhood we hadn’t thought to look at and helped us get a really good deal, which is unheard of in San Francisco right now. In hindsight, the first two places would have been fine, but not at the prices they sold for. The house we bought, however, is exactly what we want and we feel so grateful we worked with Eileen.

She is absolutely dogged — Eileen never gives up and manages to stay optimistic and positive throughout the process. You never have to call her twice. She is totally available, works really hard and is extremely knowledgeable about not only the process of buying and selling, but also renovation and construction.

Eileen will never fail to give you her opinion or say “I don’t know” and leave it at that. She will find an answer from a reliable, knowledgeable source. Every single time.

Having sold real estate myself at one time, I can guarantee that Eileen is really really good at what she does. We have bought and sold several homes, and she is by far the best agent I have ever dealt with, including myself. She really took the time to understand what we were looking for and always showed us properties that fit the bill.

If you are looking to buy in San Francisco, it definitely pays to work with a good agent like Eileen, especially if, like us, you are not familiar with the local market and the way transactions are done here. She was completely clear and gave us all the information we needed. No surprises.”

And finally, Eileen is just a terrific person to have on your side. She’s funny and smart and warm. You absolutely cannot go wrong working with Eileen. If we ever decide to sell, she will be the only agent we call.