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November 2, 2009

Checking in on the Church


It’s been on the market for 273 days, but 601 Dolores is still waiting for that angel of a buyer to come along and drop $9,950,000 on what’s being billed as the “castle on the park.”

Last sold in 2007 as a straight out church for $2,210,000 (with an order of abatement, lawsuit, and a slab of unreinforced masonry), the property was completely renovated and transformed into the current 3BR/2.5BA configuration. It’s legally zoned as a single-family house now.

It sort of looks like a church with a few bedrooms and baths added into the mix, so that might be what’s holding back those buyers with $10M purchasing power. The listing agents are encouraging “artists, musicians, and creative biz tycoons” to step up to the plate.

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