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October 21, 2019

Be Prepared To Pay a Premium for Property With Private Pool

Buyers dreaming of having their own private pool in San Francisco can expect to pay top dollar.

Though we get a fair amount of fog, our climate has warmed significantly over the past several years. That means we’re getting more warm days that may end up being perfect for a swim. If you’re into pools, buying a house with one makes a lot more sense these days.

There are a number of large condo buildings that have common area pools. Most of them are in Diamond Heights, in the Van Ness/downtown area, Mission Bay and South Beach.

Pools in single-family homes, however, are rare. For example, of the 4,400 houses that have sold since January 2018, only eight had pools. And those homes sold in the range of $2,200,000-$9,150,000.

There are a few different types of pools that pop up in San Francisco single-family homes. They include “endless” pools, infinity, lap, and heated inground. Here’s a glance at some of the pools in properties that have sold recently—and three that are currently for sale:

329 Crescent | Bernal Heights
Sold: $2,200,000
Pool Type: Endless
[Zephyr Real Estate]

2561 Washington | Pacific Heights
Sold: $9,150,000
Type: Lap

170 Palo Alto | Clarendon Heights
Sold: $3,675,000
Type: Pool in a pool house

517 Day | Noe Valley
Sold: $2,600,000
Type: Endless

11 Jacinto | St. Francis Wood
Sold: $4,600,000
Type: Heating inground

165 28th Avenue | Sea Cliff
Sold: $4,500,000
Type: Inground
[Alain Pinel]

There are three homes currently on the market that offer private pools. Mother of them all is over at 950 Lombard. The property was listed in May 2018 for $45,000,000, but canceled and relisted with Coldwell Banker at the end of August for $40,500. There is a 40-foot, cantilevered infinity pool with massive city views:

There’s also 2655 Webster [Sotheby’s], which has a slat pool (no chemicals) and is listed for $14,900,000:

But if you’re looking for a swingin’ Castro bachelor pad, check out 15 Seward for $2,795,000 [Zephyr Real Estate]. The pool is literally in the living area:

Not in the mood to buy? You can also rent this Potrero home that has a 40′ pool, currently being marketed for only $50,000/month.

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