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April 9, 2009

Battle of the Bakers


Entering the market within two weeks of each other earlier this year, 1 Baker #3A and #4A continue to look for Haight buyers. These 2BR/2BA, 1337-square foot condos are neck-and-neck as far as price goes, with both experiencing price reductions in March.

In one corner is #3B, which first came on the market at $749,000, and is now down to $699,000. Its master suite overlooks Buena Vista Park. The unit was last sold in March 2005 for $701,000.

And in the other corner is #4A. Also originally listed at $749,000, its new price is $679,000. It’s a little slicker than #3B, with hardwood floors. Last purchased for $665,000 in December 2004, this unit will not break even for its current owner, either.

Will someone please step into the ring and buy one of these units? Sure, the 1982-era design isn’t as alluring as the other architecture in the Haight, but the square footage is generous, and parking is included for both units. The location is convenient for buses downtown, and you’re a short walk from the Castro and Hayes Valley.

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