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July 7, 2017

Another 5-Star Yelp Review From Happy Home Buyers!

My clients closed escrow in May on a great condo in the Lake district, but I wasn’t actually able to hand over keys until the seller rentback period ended in June. (This is when buyers let sellers remain in the property for up to 30 days after close of escrow so the sellers can sort out where they’re moving to next.)

Everything worked out well, and my clients are now happily living in their condo. They kindly wrote a Yelp review for me, too! (Click to enlarge)

Thanks, Paul and Eleanor!

If you’ve hit a wall looking at properties online and slogging around to open houses, get serious and get in touch with me ( | 415.823.4656). I’ll be happy to talk with you anytime about what you can afford and the strategy we can use to get you there.

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