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February 19, 2010

"Aggressive Dog" Guards Bernal Heights 1BR Cottage


Easy on the eyes—but not easy to show due to the aggressive dog lurking within, according to the listing agent—271 Nevada is an appealing home. The Craftsman cottage has 875 square feet and features softwood floors, wainscoting, a formal entry foyer, and rare for Bernal Heights, two-car parking and storage.

The kitchen and bedroom have Bay/East Bay views, and there’s also a nice deck and garden. Personally, I’m charmed by the dining area:

The $749,000 price tag translates into $856 per square foot (the average for Bernal since September 2009 is $537/sq foot). But we’re not talking about new construction here; I’m not entirely confident in sellers’ square footage estimates–particularly when you’re talking about neighborhoods with homes built in the Victorian era. So let’s put the square footage factor on the backburner.

There are ten other single-family homes on the market in Bernal, most of which are larger. And all have at least two bedrooms. Nevada was sold for $790,000 in 2007, so nobody’s flying high with the current list price. I think you have to add value to the fact that you’ve got a detached, single-family home in a desirable neighborhood (though Nevada’s a bit closer to Bayshore than some buyers might like).

Yes, you can buy a two-bedroom condo for $749,000, but many of them are located in SoMa and South Beach, or in large buildings with high HOA dues. And you won’t get a home with tons of character, views or two-car parking.

If Nevada looks like a possibility, check it out this weekend. Just don’t try to sneak into the yard for a quick interior peek. That dog will be waiting for you.

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