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May 3, 2013

52 Bonview is Back Like a Boomerang in Bernal


The 3BR/1BA single-family home at 52 Bonview is back on the market, literally less than a month after it sold for $1,210,000 on April 5th.

Situated at the northwest base of Bernal Hill, the house has great views but is a hike from Cortland and is relatively small, with only about 1100 square feet and one bathroom. Kitchen and bath finishes are fairly mid range. Views are excellent. The story here is that 52 Bonview came on the market listed for $799,000 on March 20th. A swarm of buyers materialized, apparently driven by the aforementioned attributes. 16 offers later, the winning buyer purchased the property for $1,210,000.

The buyer was reportedly an investor who never moved into the house but now wants to pursue another opportunity out of state, and wants out. This owner now has re-hired the original listing office, and 52 Bonview is back for $1.1M.

It will be interesting to see whether any of those 15 buyers who wrote offers only a few weeks ago will step up and make a play for this house. These days, there always seems to be at least one outlier who’s willing to throw a ton of money at a property, and if that happens here again, I’m guessing that waiving an appraisal contingency will be required.

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