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June 2, 2011

1470 Noe Hits the Market–Again


There are some properties that are destined to be tossed around more often than a ball inside AT&T Park. Case in point: 1470 Noe, the previous home of San Francisco Giants’ former outfielder Moises Alou.

The three-story, 2300-square foot home was renovated and ultimately sold to Alou in 2005 for $1,875,000. Alou left the Giants and sold the home in 2007 for $1,865,000 after 97 days on the market. Stay with me.

1470 Noe went on the market in 2009, and was sold inside of a month for $1,850,000.

The property is listed at $1,849,000, which seems to be right in line with what everyone wants to pay for this house every few years. We’ll see if a 2011 sale shows signs of decreased value; after all, prices have declined in the luxury market. (Had Alou played on last year’s team and still owned the house, I’m sure the next buyer would be paying a premium.)

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