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August 4, 2009

141 Hampshire Orbits & Moves Closer to Earth


Debuting earlier last year at the celestial price of $3.5M, 141 Hampshire #B received no takers for its 3BR+, 2790 square foot loft space. The price dropped later that summer to $2,788,000, but still no go. It’s now down to $1.7M.

The property was built in 2001, but the location even then was suspect: This particular part of Hampshire sits at the end of 15th Street off Potrero, kind of behind Safeway. So to get to your unit’s front door, you drive past the grocery store’s trucking dock and related back-of-the-store accoutrements. The area can be sketchy, and hasn’t changed much since 2001.

Given that shinier, new developments in far superior locations (i.e., The Infinity) have three bedrooms for around $1.8M, the current price is still a stretch. But yes, 141 Hampshire does have great views and nice space. You just have to get past the loading zone to get to it.

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